Kustell Law Group
Highly Successful Representation Since 1973


For decades, The Kustell Law Group has been a highly successful Buffalo personal injury and matrimonial law firm. In both areas of law, The Kustell Law Group is focused on making families safe, stronger, and made whole.

Kustell Law Group Personal Injury Law Firm Buffalo, NYThe Kustell Law Group has provided superior representation in auto accident, medical malpractice, workplace injury, premises liability, general negligence, product liability and professional negligence cases. We do not represent insurance companies and are solely focused on helping people who have been wrongly injured and their families get the best result possible.

We have received many verdicts and settlements over $1,000,000 and have defeated several insurance company efforts to disclaim coverage.

We strike a unique balance to secure these results. We have the skills to win major verdicts when insurance companies do not make fair offers and we are always fully prepared to try any case we accept. But we also know that our clients have only one opportunity for justice and we do not dissuade our clients from accepting good offers. It is the power to win major verdicts and a track record of selecting strong cases that often secures good offers from insurance companies in the first place.

kustell-law-cornellThe matrimonial field requires a different sensibility to ensure that loving relationships with children remain intact, but the same tenacity and trial skills. Carl B. Kustell is a member of the elite American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers and successfully argued several cases that have established new law in New York State.

While we have a proven track record, we are always refining our skills and knowledge so that we remain at the cutting edge of the legal field. We frequently participate in seminars and organizations at the national level in order to give our clients every advantage in our local courts.

Finally, we believe that we can make our communities safer, our families stronger and the legal system fairer by our work inside and outside the courtroom. That core belief drives us to get the best result for every client, in every case.