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Amherst Divorce Lawyer

Divorce can be one of life’s most psychologically traumatic events. A first instinct might be to attempt negotiation and settlement without involving legal professionals. Please – don’t do this to yourself. You will should meet with a qualified divorce attorney.

Having represented dozens of Amherst residents and their families, we are passionate about ensuring that a mutually respectful and cordial settlement can be reached between the involved parties whenever possible. We are one hundred and ten percent focused on winning. While we strive to facilitate amicable settlements between spouses, sometimes the process breaks down. Many couples find their divorce proceedings become an emotionally trying time.

This is not a time to be on your own. To ensure your assets and your rights with respect to child custody are fully protected, you must obtain qualified legal counsel such as Kustell Law Group, LLP.

Kustell Law Group, LLP divorce attorneys will work for you or someone you love in Amherst or greater Western New York by doing the following:

1. We will consult with you as you begin your divorce journey – whether you are considering divorce, a separation, or are attempting reconciliation. Our office is located just north of Buffalo, NY, in Cheektowaga, near Main Street in Williamsville, and the 1-90 and the Expressway (Route 33.) After we meet, we will continue to study the nuances of your specific case. Once you retain us as your counsel, we will contact your spouse’s representation and begin exchanging information. We are recognized as a firm that is always thorough and highly professional.

2. At Kustell Law Group, we know that excellent communication is paramount to success. We always advise our clients that decorum is best throughout the duration of any divorce proceedings. It is important to note that anything said or done as a divorce is pending could potentially be brought before the presiding judge. Our open and frank communication method best ensures the chance of reaching a settlement and saving you money, while at the same time, ensuring a strong case, should it go to trial.

3. Our lines of communication are always open, and we are available whenever you may need us or have questions about your case. We focus on making sure all of our clients feel informed and confident in allowing us to manage their divorce. We know this is a hard time – we are here to help.

4. Additionally, we facilitate sales of marital property – including real estate – and we advise on adoption, powers of attorney documents, wills, health care proxies, and many other family law matters.

Divorce isn’t easy, but you can come out in a better place. An excellent Amherst divorce attorney is critical to your case, so contact us at (716) 837-1515. We’re always ready to help at Kustell Law Group, LLP.