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Buffalo Car Accident Lawyers

If you’ve ever been in a car accident before, you probably know just how disorienting it can feel. Even if you weren’t really injured, a million things go through your head all at once. Should I call an ambulance? How badly is that person hurt? Did I total the car? Will I need one of those Buffalo car accident lawyers? It’s during this confusing time that it becomes absolutely crucial to keep calm and think clearly.

Your first priority should be to find out if anyone got injured and call 911. If they did, assess the extent of the damage and give emergency aid if needed. Afterwards, assess the damage to property. Check for dents, dings, and scratches on your car, the opposing vehicle, and other objects that may have been damaged by the accident.

Once you’ve completed your preliminary assessment, you should now consider whether or not you’ll need a local car accident lawyer. It’s important to get a local lawyer, because they’ll be more familiar with the applicable laws, the temperament of local judges, and the potential weaknesses of the opposing local counsel. For example, if a car accident happened in Buffalo NY, then you’ll probably want to hire car accident lawyers in Buffalo to increase your chances of a favorable judgment and settlement.

Generally speaking, you’ll need a car accident lawyer in any case in which someone has been injured or sustained major property damage. The only probable exception to this rule is if you only experienced a minor fender bender. In most of these cases, the damage is so small that the intervention of car insurance companies makes car accident lawyers unnecessary. However, once there is significant damage to property or any injury inflicted on you or your passengers, it’s definitely time to get in touch with the pros.

How badly do you need the assistance of counsel? Well, that depends on the extent of the damage or injury. For example, you’ll need immediate and reliable legal assistance when:

  • The accident results in death.
  • The accident results in a serious injury, such as broken bones and temporary or permanent paralysis.
  • Your insurer is acting funny, making you suspect that it may not make good on his promise.
  • Your insurer brings in its personal legal counsel.
  • You’re not insured or haven’t paid the premiums.
  • You need access to an expert to negotiate a settlement with your insurer or the opposing party.
  • You don’t know your rights or how to proceed with the case.
  • You don’t understand your rights.
  • You need assistance with complex paperwork.
  • You’re unsure if you can also file a claim with a different insurer.

Finding the right attorney may be a difficult proposition. But trust us. It’s definitely worth your time, effort, and money to ensure that the case goes on well.