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Buffalo NY Marriage And Divorce Legal Services

buffalo divorce lawyerDivorces happen frequently in this country. If you are contemplating divorce or your spouse wants a divorce, your first instinct may be to try and work out the settlement without adequate legal representation. This may sound appealing, but you need to consult an attorney, immediately.

As Buffalo divorce lawyers, we are dedicated to ensuring that an amicable settlement is reached where possible and that we win the divorce cases that are tried. Though we like to think that we might be able to find an amicable resolution with our spouses, the fact of the matter is that divorce is a heated, emotionally charged time. In order to protect yourself, your property and your child custody rights, you need to retain a good matrimonial attorney like our divorce attorneys at Kustell Law Group, LLP in Buffalo.

Here is what Kustell Law Group, LLP divorce lawyers will do for you if you or someone you care about in Buffalo or greater Western New York are facing divorce:

  1. We will provide you with a very qualified and experienced attorney.
  2. We will meet with you at the outset of your divorce to discuss your goals and whether you are contemplating divorce, separation or reconciliation. We are conveniently located just North of Buffalo, NY in Cheektowaga, near Main Street in Williamsville, the 190 and the Expressway (Route 33).  After our meeting, we will investigate further in light of your goals and move forward with an exchange of information called “discovery” once the case is commenced.  This is common to all legal cases, but we are known for being thorough and professional.
  3. The Kustell Law Group, LLP’s philosophy regarding divorce is that we always maintain open lines of communication and encourage our clients to behave extremely responsibly on a personal level at all times.  Anything that is said or done by a party during a divorce could be eventually presented before a judge.  This approach allows us to maximize the chance of settlement (saving our clients’ money), while also maximizing the strength of your divorce case should it need to be tried.
  4. We are always available and open to whatever questions you might have about your divorce.  We understand that the process is daunting and can appear complex, but we will make sure you are comfortable and confident in the management of your divorce.
  5. We also handle sales of marital property including real estate, adoption, wills, powers of attorney, living wills, health care proxies and other family law matters.


Divorce is difficult, but there is no reason that you should allow it to ruin your life. Retaining the services of an excellent Buffalo law firm is important and you can call us at (716) 837-1515.  At Kustell Law Group, LLP, we’re ready to help.