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Matrimonial Law

Evaluating matrimonial cases involves predicting how a case is likely to be resolved after trial a by matrimonial Judge. It involves applying the law of equitable distribution, the Child Support Standards Act, and custody law to the facts of a particular case. Based upon this evaluation, a client can decide whether to settle a case or proceed to a trial. Clients need a highly experienced and skillful lawyer to guide them through this process, gather information, and negotiate on their behalf for a settlement or to prepare for and effectively try their case.


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Carl B. Kustell is one of the leading matrimonial lawyers in Western New York and has broken new legal ground in several appellate cases. One of the keys is a client’s knowledge of the likely outcome of the case if there is a trial. This will help the client make informed decisions as to settlement.

Child Custody

Child Custody - Divorce Attorneys Buffalo, NY

The best interest of the child is the paramount concern for any good parent. It’s also the appropriate legal standard in child custody. Regardless of the pain of divorce, it is important that children feel deeply connected to and supported by both parents whenever possible.

Separation Agreements

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Separation Agreements are the most efficient manner for each party to get what it wants without the cost of a full trial, but it is unwise to draft or sign one without the counsel of a good lawyer. Terms of art, ambiguities and other legal ramifications can leave a client in an unfortunate situation if the agreement is unsound.

Pre-Nuptial Agreements

Matrimony Lawyers Buffalo, NY

Pre-Nuptial Agreements are typically for couples who embrace the notion that human beings are not perfect and that circumstances can change. Depending on a couples’ feelings on the matter, a pre-nuptial agreement may be appropriate where there is a great disparity in wealth or income or where the couple seeks for clarity in the matter.

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Carl B. Kustell

Carl B. Kustell is a highly experienced and highly rated matrimonial lawyer. He has been named to Super Lawyers in Matrimonial Law in New York State, and he has been elected a Certified Fellow of American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers. He has the highest rating given by the Martindale Hubbell Law Directory for the past twenty-three years both as to legal ability and ethical standards. He has represented persons from all walks of life, as well as professional athletes, physicians, lawyers, business persons, and others going through divorce and custody disputes. He has represented litigants in some of the leading cases establishing new law in New York State on the Appellate level. He and his legal assistant, Yvonne Waag, are devoted to achieving the best possible results for clients in matrimonial litigation. He has served as a speaker at seminars for the American Academy, New York State Bar Association, and the Erie County Bar Association for other lawyers on the subject of matrimonial law.