Firm Successes

Kustell Law Group, LLP, has an impressive record of success. We invite you to read our firm's top results.

  • Driver of a car hit by semi trailer truck as both entered intersection under signal. Trial evidence and investigation proved signal, recently installed, was left misaligned. Driver, after full trial and two appeals, receives $6 million. Case establishes law that injured persons have right to take statements from state employees after notice of claim filed but before action commenced.
  • Operator of fork lift swerves to avoid pedestrian in an area of the building that he claims should have been restricted to pedestrians. No witnesses. Driver of fork lift receives multi-million dollar settlement before trial.
  • Part of worker's fingers amputated on machine that is claimed to be owned by her employer so that it is claimed she is barred from bringing an action. Multi-million dollar settlement before trial.
  • Ectopic pregnancy ruptures and husband of deceased mother receives million dollar settlement during trial. Medical Malpractice.
  • Jeep rollover without impact. Defect in design claimed. Injured Plaintiff receives million dollar settlement.
  • Tanker causes eye injury to driver unloading - defective design claimed. Million dollar settlement.
  • Driver of bulldozer loses life when bulldozer breaks through road surface - defect in design.