Focused On Your Child's Best Interests

No matter how amicable your divorce, dissolving a marriage bond can be a lengthy and stress filled event. For children, this experience can be life-changing and overwhelming. This is why it is crucial that you focus on promoting your children's best interests during this time.

For over four decades, Kustell Law Group has advocated for our clients' children throughout the divorce process. Our seasoned attorneys work to minimize the impact that matrimonial law disputes have on your children and your relationship with them. We use our experience to negotiate favorable terms for your custody and visitation agreement so that your children have the support they need after your divorce.

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Customizing Parenting Plans According To Your Children's Needs

Our matrimonial lawyers will help you design a specific parenting plan that accounts for your new circumstances. We use our insight to identify potentially problematic custody schedules and will advise you accordingly.

We will ensure that your parenting plan addresses these important aspects:

  • Weekly and weekend parenting time schedule
  • Vacation and holiday parenting time schedule
  • Parenting time schedule for special events, such as birthdays, school events or extracurricular events
  • Decision-making responsibilities
  • Guidelines for child-parent communication and child visitation

Our attorneys also represent stepparents, grandparents and concerned relatives seeking to secure visitation rights.

Should a custody or visitation dispute arise, our trial lawyers are qualified to advocate for you in New York courthouses. Whether you need assistance litigating a custody matter before your divorce is finalized or are filing a post-judgment action, we will help you navigate this process.

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