Helping Your Children Receive The Financial Support They Need

After divorce, it can be a challenge to adjust to a single income if you have shared an income with a spouse for years. Adding your children's expenses to your obligations can create even more financial strain. Securing a fair child support agreement can lessen this burden and provide your children with the assistance they need.

Our lawyers at Kustell Law Group will champion your financial interests throughout child support negotiations so that you receive the court order that your children deserve. We zealously advocate for our Erie County clients and design creative strategies that get favorable results.

Ensuring Your Order Covers Necessary Expenses

Our founding attorney, Carl Kustell has been highly rated by Martindale-Hubbell for his demonstrated legal ability and ethical standards. You can rest assured that he and our team will help you address your matrimonial law concerns with skill and compassion.

New York courts require that parents follow the income shares model to determine monthly payments. If you believe that your support award is not fair, we create a compelling argument to strengthen your claim to adjust:

  • Living expenses, including food, clothing and housing
  • Health care expenses, including copays and medical care not covered by insurance
  • Transportation expenses between time sharing
  • Extracurricular and educational expenses

We represent custodial and noncustodial parents seeking to establish, modify or enforce child support orders. Should an unforeseen event change your circumstances, our attorneys are licensed to file post-judgment actions to modify your court-ordered support. If your estranged spouse violates your support order, we act aggressively to help you recover back child support.

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Unlike alimony, paying child support is required in New York. Ensure your children receive the financial support they need. Talk to us to understand your options. We offer free, no-obligation consultations at our Buffalo office.

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