Designing Strong Prenuptial And Separation Agreements

When you are planning to transition to a new stage in life, it can be natural to direct your focus to immediate issues. Taking time to assess long-term options, however, can be a valuable activity. A proactive approach may help you make strategic decisions that protect your interests today and tomorrow.

In Buffalo, the Kustell Law Group provides economical legal counsel for individuals interested in designing prenuptial and separation agreements. Our matrimonial law firm has represented families for decades. Having led thousands of individuals through divorce proceedings, we use our insight to create sound agreements that minimize the opportunity for conflict.

Benefit From The Protections Prenups And Separation Agreements Provide

Our skilled attorneys write prenuptial agreements that defend people and assets in the event of divorce. We tailor our contracts to address a range of concerns, including:

  • Protecting the financial interests of children from previous marriage
  • Safeguarding separate assets and property, including business assets
  • Shielding one spouse from the other's debt obligations
  • Protecting third-party gifts and inheritances
  • Establishing the terms of property division

If you are estranged from your spouse, our lawyers will negotiate a detailed separation agreement that addresses a variety of issues, such as:

We customize contracts that will allow you to avoid the cost of a full trial in New York while protecting the people and possessions you value. Should you choose to divorce, the property terms of your separation agreement can be used to protect you from debts your estranged spouse may have incurred during your separation.

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